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TRON broke into the cryptocurrency world simultaneously with the ICO, held in August 2017. It began to trade at the end of September 2017. Now TRON is starting to influence the market – over the past few days it rose from $ 0.033 to $ 0.12.

TRON focuses on creating a platform that allows digital content developers to eliminate intermediaries, such as AppStore or Google Play. Ultimately, this will help content developers to receive money right from their users.

Justin Sun and his team

Justin Sun is the general director of TRON. This is what he achieved by the age of 27:

  • graduated from the University of Pennsylvania;
  • is ranked among the top 30 Forbes businessmen under 30 in China;
  • is ranked among the top 30 Forbes businessmen under 30 in Asia;
  • founded Peiwo APP (Chinese Snapchat);
  • is now visiting the University of Hupan;
  • was a head of Ripple in China.

Lucien Chen, a major expert on Tencent and Alibaba databases, is also in the TRON team. Recently, Chen announced that Alibaba’s technical specialists would start working with TRON. Why do you think Alibaba allowed to entice talented employees into the project? It can hint at future integration with the Alibaba platform.

One of the early investors of TRON was Feng Li, who has a slightly controversial resume in the cryptocurrency industry. He provided seed money for Coinbase, which, with an influx of new users, receives a high income. Lee also serves on the board of directors of Ripple, whose market capitalization is about $132 billion.

The TRON project consists of several phases – Exodus in 2017 and Eternity in 2023. It looks like the project has serious growth factors for the next few years. Moreover, the fact that at the moment TRON is a single token below $ 1.00 in the top 20 makes it an attractive target for many investors.

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