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Bitcoin Diamond Thieves Your Bitcoins

Developers of hardware wallets Ledger warned users about fraudulent schemes associated with hard fork Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). It is about sites that offer Bitcoin holders to get BCD coins.

The Peculiarities of the Hard Fork

Bitcoin Diamond is one of the many forks of Bitcoin, the developers of which announced their intention to issue a new cryptocurrency in November. Details of the project were unknown; there were vague promises of faster network transactions and other additional benefits, the implementation of which is still not visible. Futures on BCD are now traded on 20 exchanges. The BCD team promised to increase the block size to 8MB. This would improve the transactional ability. However, BCD was also seeking to decrease the expenses related with transactions. BCD planned to encrypt the balance and the amount, which could provide confidentiality.

Frauds lure Bitcoin holders who technically have the right to receive equivalent balances in BCD, to a multitude of sites. It is allegedly possible to obtain BCD through these websites by providing confidential information.

There are also suspicions about the actual developers of hard fork and their true goals. So, in one of the posts on the Medium blogger bitcoinblooddiamond calls the BCD “a scam of incredible proportions”. He pointed to the questionable activity in social networks, the lack of technical details and possible cooperation with the stock exchange cryptocurrency. He emphasized that Bitcoin Diamond is not like the previous forks (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold). It does not have any blocking code. This is a scam designed specifically to steal the Bitcoins. The blogger urges to sell assets in Bitcoin Diamond immediately.

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